An ergonomically designed workplace brings the following business benefits:

  • Reduction in musculoskeletal disorders at work

  • Reduction in Lost Time Injury and associated costs

  • Improvement in staff morale and job satisfaction

  • Improvement in productivity and efficiency

  • Provision of a safe and healthy working environment

  • Reduction of litigation cases

  • Fulfilment of legal obligations

The application of ergonomic principles at work ensures that the ‘best fit’ is created between the individual and their working environment. This allows individuals to work at maximum capacity and efficiency, whilst remaining safe and healthy. Ergonomics consultancy is a cost effective way of capitalising on these benefits. 

Work Injury Management offers a range of workplace ergonomics assessment options to ensure we best meet your needs. If you would like to know more about Work Injury Management workplace ergonomics assessments and how they can help your organisation please contact us.