Functional Capacity Evaluations are the assessment of a person’s function and how they can perform required Activities of Daily Living. At Mitchell’s Physiotherapy, Work Injury Management, our Physiotherapists are Accredited Blankenship Certified Functional Capacity Evaluators. 

FCEs are required in many instances. Some examples of where they are used are as follows:

Compulsory Third Party claims

Work Injury Management works closely with insurance companies such as RACQ, Suncorp and NRMA to assess a person’s function after motor vehicle accidents (MVAs).

Workcover Claims

Workcover QLD and private Workcover claims often require the evaluation of a worker’s functional capacity to determine if the worker is able to perform the tasks of their job. 

Our evaluation process utilises objective measures to determine a worker’s physical functional capacity to work safely. These evaluations can be short or long so please contact our friendly staff so we can provide you with more information and a personalized quote for your workplace.
All Workcover Claim sessions are charged according to QCOMP Table of Costs.